Beginning The Story


Orson Scott Card’s wonderful MICE quotient is a great tool for fitting your story into specific context. MICE stands for Milieu, Idea, Character and Event. Card’s theory is that the nature of a story’s conflict can be codified for big picture study. Once dropped into the MICE quotient, the beginning, end and nature of the conflict of the story are simple to determine.


In a Milieu type story, characters will explore a strange new world, whether that be physical or metaphorical. Whether a fantastic land of dragons and sorceresses or an alien planet with symbiotic entities, the key to this story type is that the protagonist is a stand in for the audience. This story is really about the audience exploring the world you’ve created. The protagonist can be as stunned as we are, and need all the questions answered about this world that we do. This story type is about the world you’ve built.

This Type of story begins when the protagonist leaves her normal world and enters the other. The conflict is an attempt to come back to her original world. The story ends when she comes back home, or elects to stay in the new world. READ MORE ...about Beginning The Story